Riding season 2021: Here we go!

With seeing the first rides being booked already and finally having better weather (no third winter please!), it is about time to officially start our riding season for 2021.

New in Riding Season 2021!

  • Stay & Ride packages: We have a new package for you – the Family weekend. As usual, you can choose between the pampered and the self-catering version. Bring at least 3 riders, have a fully-equipped cabin only for your group (2 nights) and discover the area with three rides. If you want to stay longer – we also have packages for an extra long weekend (4 nights) and a week (6 nights).
  • Overnight rides: Combine camping and riding! While the short option stays the same (starting and ending at Baldy Lake entrance with a night at Gunn Lake), we had to adjust our longer option due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Usually, the longer option starts at Lake Audy and ends at Baldy Lake, which requires that we share a car to get to our starting point – this is not possible at the moment. Therefore, when choosing the longer overnight option, we start and end at Deep Lake entrance. The first day will include a solid 8 hours on horseback, then spending the night at Gunn Creek campsite before going back to Deep Lake with another roundabout 4.5 hour ride.

Other adjustments

  • Booking process: Please note that for all longer rides (Half Day Ride, Full Day Ride and Overnight options), we will ask for a 25% non-refundable down payment. Additionally, we adjusted our minimum group size to two riders for these options. While we might still consider taking only one person for these rides, this would include an extra charge. Heads up here – if you come as a group of 4, you will get a 10% discount on your total price.
  • Private rides: Same procedure as last year – we will not merge groups together. When booking a ride, it will only be you, your group and our guide.
  • Needless to say, but still: If you feel ill or have symptoms, please reschedule your ride! We keep direct and close contact at a minimum. We kindly ask you to wear a mask when coming into the house.

Rent two fully-equipped cabins on the ranch

We keep on renting the cabins as unit (no option to book by bed or private room) in 2021. We have two cabins available for you, each fits up to 10 people. Both have private sanitary facilities, a fully-equipped kitchen and two bedrooms – the smaller room having one bunk bed while the big room includes 4 bunk beds. Not to forget: Both cabins offer a beautiful view over the fields and the property up to Riding Mountain National Park on the horizon.

When booking a cabin, it will be exclusively for you and your group. You do not have to share any facilities with other guests and are secluded on the ranch property.

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Minimum stay is 2 nights – the cabins are blocked for 30 hours in between groups and properly cleaned. $180 per night (plus taxes)