Riding season 2022 has started – up for an adventure?

Hey folks!

Just sharing a short update regarding our riding season 2022 with you 🙂

Good news – Update 2.0 (August 2022)

Very happy to announce that we are back to our regular trail rides in the national park! The trail closures which have affected us are now officially lifted. There are some adjustments to our Half Day & Full Day Ride as well as the overnight ride. But we are good to go 🙂 Book your riding adventure now!

Update (July 2022)

Many trails in Riding Mountain National Park remain closed – sadly, this counts for our “go-to” trail Tilson Lake East as well. Nevertheless, we fortunately can offer trail rides in the national park again. We found some alternative routes for you which are just as beautiful as our regular tours 🙂 Book your riding adventure now!

What is the status quo (June 2022)?

The weather was not in favor of really getting started with riding this year so far. For a long time now, everything has been super muddy, and party flooded. We see some improvement there lately. Sadly, Riding Mountain National Park is still completely closed due to flooded sections and deadfall. So – no rides in the national park until further notice! This affects our Jumpstart, Half Day Ride, Full Day Ride and Overnight Rides. We will keep you updated on that matter. But the good news is, we can offer our rides on the ranch property (Homebound & Buckaroo).

Nevertheless – If you already know that you want to go for a trail ride in Riding Mountain National Park at a later date, you can absolutely book your ride already now. In case that ride cannot happen in the end due to the trail conditions, we will try to reschedule or give you a full refund of your deposit (if applicable).

What is new this riding season?

Overnight rides

Due to less Covid-19 regulations, we are in theory back to our original version for the overnight rides – this would mean starting at Lake Audy. As this area is highly damaged and probably closed for this year, we will start the longer option for overnight stays at Long Lake entrance. We are riding around 6.5. hours the first day, staying overnight at Gunn Lake campsite and end the riding adventure at Baldy Lake entrance.

Private rides

We are back to potentially merging groups together into one ride if possible. This does not happen frequently, so mostly it will be only you, the companions you bring along and our guide.

Stay & Ride Packages

Still fairly new – our Stay & Ride Packages. Join us for a weekend, extra long weekend, or week. Enjoy three to six rides of different length while staying in our cozy cabins. Choose between an economic version or get spoiled with home made meals included.

How to book your ride?

Use our contact form for general questions and for booking a trail ride with us!

To talk to us directly, call us at 1-204-859-2497 (long distance charges may apply), Canada wide toll-free at 1-855-975-6777.

Follow us on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram) to stay updated. You can also inquire via these channels.