A personalized riding experience for you!

Open for bookings for riding season 2023!

Enjoy an unforgettable riding adventure!

At the 9 Finger Ranch, we strive to offer a very personalized and enjoyable experience to all riders; which is why selecting the right riding experience is important. We accommodate groups of up to 6 people for rides in the national park and up to 10 people for rides on the ranch property.

If you want more information or have questions, send us a message 🙂 We can’t wait to meet you.

The 9 Finger Ranch is affiliated with Hostelling International offering you affordable accommodation on site.

We have numerous packages and rides available:

… at the ranch

We have well-maintained trails used for horseback riding directly on the ranch. Enjoy an interesting mix of trails in the bush and over open fields with wonderful views.

1 hour on the ranch property
2 hours on the ranch property

… in Riding Mountain National Park

We are taking you for trail rides in Riding Mountain National Park – starting with 2 hours up to several days. Usually, we are strolling around in the Western end of the park – the “less popular” but (even more?) amazing part of the national park.

2 hours in the national park
~ 4 hours on the horse
~ 6 hours of riding
Camping combined with a trail ride – awesome!

Week Stay Packages

Combine staying at the ranch with several trail rides of different lenghts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find a collection of frequently asked questions and answers – helping you prepare for your ride with us!

You can book your ride anytime – directly on here, via mail (9fingerranch@hotmail.com) or phone (1-855-975-6777 (CA)/ 1-204-859-2497).

Please note that a 25% non-refundable down payment is required for booking some options (Half Day Ride, Full Day Ride, Overnight Rides and the Stay & Ride Packages). Fine Prints

We are flexible!

Should you not find what you were looking for in terms of lengths of rides or options, contact us and we will create a unique experience for your enjoyment.