A personalized riding experience for you!

Requests for booking your trail ride in 2023 are very welcome already 🙂

PS: Weather is hard to predict, so there is no definite answer to the question when our riding season starts. Tentatively, we can offer at least shorter rides in May. All depends on the snow melt and the temperatures! Should the weather not cooperate in the end for your booked ride, we will reschedule your ride to a later date.

Enjoy a private riding adventure!

At the 9 Finger Ranch, we strive to offer a very personalized and enjoyable experience to all riders; which is why selecting the right riding experience is important. We accommodate groups of up to 6 people for rides in the national park and up to 8 people for rides on the ranch property. If you want more information or have questions, send us a message 🙂 We can’t wait to meet you.

The 9 Finger Ranch is affiliated with Hostelling International offering you affordable accommodation on site.

We have numerous packages and rides available:

… at the ranch

We have trails used for horseback riding directly on the ranch. Enjoy an interesting mix of trails in the bush and over open fields with wonderful views.

1 hour on the ranch property
2 hours on the ranch property

… in Riding Mountain National Park

We are taking you for trail rides in Riding Mountain National Park – starting with 2 hours up to several days. Usually, we are strolling around in the Western end of the park – the “less popular” but (even more?) amazing part of the national park.

2 hours in the national park
~ 4 hours on the horse
~ 6 hours of riding
Camping combined with a trail ride – awesome!

Week Stay Packages

Combine staying at the ranch with several trail rides of different lenghts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find a collection of frequently asked questions and answers to those – helping you prepare for your ride with us!

We are flexible!

Should you not find what you were looking for in terms of lengths of rides or options, contact us and we will create a unique experience for your enjoyment.

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Please note that a 25% non-refundable down payment is required for booking for some options (Half Day Ride, Full Day Ride, Overnight Rides and the Stay & Ride Packages).