Our ski trails made it into Crossroads This Week

Great article about our ski trails

Racheal Flintoft, writing for the local newspaper Crossroads This Week, visited us mid of March to spend the day on our cross-country ski trails. The outcome has been a great article about this day full of skiing.

My little adventure at Rossburn’s 9 Finger Ranch had come to an end, and as I drove back to the main road, I looked out my window at the ranch. What a destination…how could we be so lucky to have such marvel in our region – the 9 Finger Ranch is truly a best-kept secret

Racheal Flintoft, “Skiing Rossburn’s Rolling Hills” in Crossroads This Week 2022_03_11, page 3

Thanks to CTW & Racheal

We really appreciate the kind words and are very happy with how the article turned out – so we have to share it on here as well. There you go 🙂

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And for the remainder of winter …

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