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Cross-Country Skiing

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Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-Country Skiing 2021/22: Our trails are open now! As usual, you are welcome to use the trails. Even though our trails are normally not that crowded, we want to remind you to please stick to the Covid etiquette and keep your distance when you encounter other people on the trails! Thank you 🙂 Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to not miss any updates on trail conditions.

View and print our trails before you come out.

Our trails are groomed and well maintained. Please call/ message us before coming out especially after a snow fall and/or high winds.

We are listed on the Cross Country Ski Association Manitoba (CCSAM)’s homepage – become a member of our group there for trail updates. If you have a spare minute, please leave us a comment or recommendation there! Thank you!

Access to the trails is free but you will need your own equipment. Small donations are appreciated for trail upkeep. You will find a donation box close to the entrance.

After turning onto our driveway, keep to the right and drive down towards the barn. You can park directly at the trail head next to the barn. Due to Covid-19, we cannot offer access to the barn as warming facility nor to the bathroom there.

Dogs are allowed on the trails. Just be prepared that ours might come along as well. Please keep your dog on leash in case it is not used to having horses and cows around.

PS: Please do not trespass the horses’ or cows’ pastures. If the horses are close to the fence, they sure don’t mind a scratch. BUT – no feeding!